Group flying opportunities & questions
By Tony
Shoreham Based TB20 Share for sale

Highly capable fast-touring Flying machine

1/8 share in very nice well maintained 1983 Socata TB20 Trinidad hangared at Shoreham
Friendly small group established for over 28 yrs.
£120/month £60/hr Dry. 130-140kts @ 48litres/hour thanks to retractable gear and
variable pitch prop. (POH says cruise is 153kts @ 45litres/hr @ 4500ft)
Good availability during the week and weekends-flew under 100hrs in 2017 – and easy internet booking.
New Annual.

Good speed climb even with four adults.
Comfortably fly to Bembridge, France, Channel Islands and further afield with a 6.5hr 1,000NM endurance.

Useful Avionics/Coms fit:

• Garmin 340 Panel Times at Annual 11/06/2018
• Garmin GNS 430 COM1/NAV1
• New Garmin GNC255A (8.33KHz) COM2/NAV2 TTAF = 5208hrs
• Garmin GTX328 Mode S Transponder with OAT TTE = 1186hrs
• Dual Altimeters, Dual VOR TTP = 444hrs
• Fuel Flowmeter FS450
• KR87 ADF
• KN64 DME
• EDM 700 electronic engine monitoring
• 4 person lift raft + ELB
• Minimum P1 requirement 100hrs

Only £7950 – Please call or email Tony to find out more

Tony on 07715 114833