Group flying opportunities & questions
There appears to be a dearth of decent aircraft shares in this neck of the woods and I am thinking of rectifying the situation. Looking to base at Dunkeswell or a strip nearby and setting up either equity or non-equity for up to 8 people (self included).

I know, for ones pride and joy, they shouldn't share, but I can't justify the op costs for the hours I fly and it would be better to have another option for local aviators than is currently available.

Looking at a touring machine of C182/Arrow/TB20 ilk.

If interested, drop me a PM or reply here with equity/non-equity; type of A/C would most interest you and any suggesting on where to base.

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Hi guys,

Newly qualified PPL and looking to spread my wings. Currently live between Bath & Bristol and looking for a group that would be accepting of a low-hours newbie like myself, and even pass on a few words of wisdom.

Looking for a group within an hours' drive, so as far as Gloucester, Salisbury, Bridgewater, Swindon. Would be interested in hearing more about the startup Eurostar group if that's even still a possibility? Otherwise I'll just leave this comment here to put myself on the radar for anyone that's thinking of starting a group around the general area.

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Exeter can be pretty pricey on the landing fees unless they're bought in bulk - plus you can often end up waiting for the big boys which ramps up the time. I live in Exeter but would prefer Dunkeswell - I reckon by the time you get through the security gate and to the aircraft in Exeter, it's just as quick for me to get to Dunks - where I can be airborne 5-10 mins after getting in the plane and never have to orbit waiting for a Q400 or pay a landing fee :)

A couple of options at Dunks currently but nothing jumping out at me
Based on the responses I had, the idea of a TB20 seemed a little aspirational. So, I have been doing a bit of research in terms of a reasonably simple plane to operate with good range and good speed. And at this stage, I am looking at settling on a C177 Cardinal (200hp variant). They were designed to replace the C172.

At this stage, there are a couple of RG variants I am looking at. I wanted to stay with a fixed undercarriage to keep it relatively simple, but they are few and between. My concern with the retractable gear is that they are not the most suitable for rough strips and they introduce similar complexity as the TB20.

Be that as it may, if you're interested, drop me a line. If I can get enough interest, I can stop Mrs Atrick from diverting unds to a house improvement project...
Hi Jerry,

I would be interested in joining a new group.
I'm just finishing my PPL training at Exeter / Robin Flying Group and interested in any sensible options.
Happy to consider either Exeter or Dunkerswell.

Happy to talk to anyone else with similar interest.
Been flying mainly GA . Robin DR400s at Exeter but also quite impressed with new Fixed Wing microlights such as Eurostar and Eurofox which have good handling and cost of ownership.

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