Group flying opportunities & questions
We are a 5 member group looking for a considerate competent pilot to join us.
The aircraft is well equipped with a new 450 hour engine, mode S, GPS, 8.33 radio, 2 ASI, 2 alts, 4 place radio, raft, etc in excellent condition (photos on G-INFO) e-allocator booking.
Ideal for both strip flying and touring.
Monthly £100 per month, £90 per hour.
Share £3400
For full details contact Rog on 077 10 45 66 28
Hi Dave--although plane has ADF, VOR, 2 ASI, 2 ALTS, , 8.33 RADIO, GARMIN GPS,MODE S
as we have no APPROVED DME it is not strictly IFR--Although you have distance on GPS to VORS , AIRFIELDS ETC.-I understand this is not adequate for IFR.
I haven't a photo of interior but if still of interest to you could probably get one and send on phone.