Group flying opportunities & questions
Hi everyone,

I posted an ad on UKGA, but might as well check in here as well :D

I'm a PPL holder currently at ~130 hours SEP, looking to join my next flying group. I'm based near Wrexham, North Wales so something close by would be fantastic, but I'm happy to travel for the right opportunity! I'm hoping to fly about 5 hours a month - mostly just to see the sights and keep building my experience. I normally aim to do one longer (multi-day) trip per month to see my family in Lincolnshire too.

So far I've flown C152s, PA28s and the occasional C172. I've also spent the last year as a member of a Beagle Pup group down south, before moving up here for work. My day job is airborne surveying, so I spend a lot of time up in the air even when I'm not logging hours. My work timetable means I often take time off during the week as opposed to just weekends, so there's a good chance I can make use of those less popular weekday slots.

Any aircraft considered, although I'd need extra training for complex or tailwheel types. Good value hour building in a typical SEP plane is really what I'm looking for - I don't need anything fancy or fast.

Drop me a message :thumright:

Thanks for your consideration.