Group flying opportunities & questions
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By ellomoto
Does anyone know of any equity shares available at Blackbushe?

The old noticeboard in the cafe no longer exists. I have spoken to a few people in and around the schools when up at the field, but no leads so far.

I have a SEP rating with 200hrs and looking for ideally something complex, but would consider other non complex types.

Any intel would be gratefully received :)

Cheers :thumright:
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By Iceman
A number of others has sought shares recently. There doesn’t seem to be much shifting in equity shares at the Bushe at the moment. I will bring it up at the next airfield users’ meeting that we could perhaps do with a new aircraft shares notice board, ideally in the café.

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I would be more than happy to host a shares for sale board at my club.
If you are on Facebook there is a Blackbushe flying community page you could ask on. That is actually run by me too!
There are many complex singles at the Bushe that hardly ever fly. At least three Arrow 4s, a number of Rockwell Commanders, various Cirruses, (Cirri?) and the usual fixed gear four seaters.