Group flying opportunities & questions

Come and join the Fersfield Flying Group and fly all year round from our own 815metre airstrip.

A seventh share in our gorgeous Piper Arrow is again available: It is fully airways and LPV certified for those short or long trips.

Share Price £5,000

Full details on our website :


It is not my share, I'm staying! but at our AGM we decided to open up the group to increase useage of this tidy Arrow.

I am fielding all enquiries: Have a look at the website and contact me for further information

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Welcome to our new member after a longstanding share has been sold.

However as per original Ad at head of this thread we would still like to increase group numbers to seven to increase usage of this gorgeous aeroplane and therefore a seventh share remains for sale.

Again, not my share , I'm however handling the sale so please feel free to contact me for a chat.

Contact details on website: Link above in OP.

One of our original six members whose SEP 'expired' during first Covid lockdown has decided to give up flying.

His share was put on the market and was snapped up almost immediately!

Welcome James to the Fersfield Flying Group.

So a seventh share advertised above is for sale once again:

A share in this capable fully IFR tourer, with all ADs complied with could be yours!

Availability, via online booking website is second to none.

Check out our Group website :

and then -

Ring me for a chat.

Being a member of the Fersfield Flying group is so much more than just owning a share: We have our own well-drained 815metre (that's over half a mile) grass airstrip on secure long-term renewable lease with no landing fees, and unrestricted dawn to dusk flying .

(Image courtesy of Colin McInnes)

We have never lost a day's flying due to waterlogging- the only thing that stops us is deep snow! :lol:

You will also own a share in a vintage Massey Ferguson tractor and triple gang mower and a place in the grass-cutting rota. :thumright:

: So go on, call me; You know it makes sense..........................