Group flying opportunities & questions
• IFR Ready: HSI and KFC200 autopilot and flight director, slaved to the GNS430
• PilotAware
• Golze ADL Weather
• Mode S/8.33
• 6 place intercom with crew isolation
• ELT, lifejackets, life raft and spare headsets
• Black leather interior with club seating
• Healthy Engine Fund
• Hangered and handled in/out
• Very comfortable aircraft for both crew and passengers with club class rear seating arrangement and centre refreshment console.

Friendly group along with a group instructor (CRI) available for check-out, conversion training etc.

Willing to consider Equity or Non-equity.

Equity members pay £250/month and £200/tacho hour wet. Share price is negotiable with the person leaving. Hull is insured at £75k

None Equties pay £250/month and £250/hour. A refundable £1k share/despoit is due for none equity members