Group flying opportunities & questions
I have just completed my ATPLs and hold a PPL with 97 hours in total. 26 hours as PIC on mix of C152/PA28. I'm now hour building and am looking to purchase a share or join a group with a PA28 or similar low wing, 4 seater aircraft e.g DR400. I plan to complete my remaining 74 - 76 hours of PIC on this aircraft to meet my 100 hours PIC requirement. I am from Luton and looking to be based at an aerodrome within a 50 mile radius of Luton. Preferred aerodromes are Elstree, Denham, Wycombe Air Park. An online booking system is a must for me. I need good availability on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays all day as I intend to carry out cross-country trips.
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I posted my share in a White Waltham-based PA28 here yesterday:

Sounds like we are at a similar stage in terms of experience and I wanted a share for the same reasons, unfortunately I now need to sell my share.

Let me know if you are interested (although appreciate it is a bit further than your desired airfields).