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By Genghis the Engineer
If anybody is interested, I'd like to sell my AA5a Cheetah share at Turweston. Basic numbers are:-

£1200 (standard syndicate figure, so not negotiable)
1/20th (or thereabouts)
Monthly £40, or £60 for use also of a (basic instrument fit but nice flying) linked-syndicate PA28-150 parked next to it.
Hourly £100/hr tacho (usually works out around £85/hr logged)

Empty weight 1,492lb, MTOW 2200lb.

Well maintained, bills kept down by syndicate members helping out with the servicing under supervision of our AME at Turweston. No minimum hours requirement (in fact I think that they're fine with you not yet having a licence and learning at Turweston with the school there, but would have to check that.)

The aeroplane has the 180 litre / 49 gal big tanks, 2 x altimeter, GTN650, ADF, second VOR - so basically airways. Simple autopilot that usually doesn't work, a problem that seems to trouble nobody. One instructor in the syndicate (well, two, but I'm leaving), last resprayed about seven years ago, engine overhauled about the same time and as the aeroplane's not all that heavily used should be 6 years or so before she goes on condition. Booking online with GoBoKo, and a general rule of "don't take the mickey" with useage rather than anything very strict. PilotAware Classic permanently in the aeroplane.

TBH, lovely aeroplane, great syndicate, nice airfield, affordable flying - just too far from home now so I've bought a share in something similar nearer to home.

Best bet to contact me is either post below, or email me.

By 206driver
Hi Ghengis, just a note of appreciation for giving all the pertinent info!

The useful load, hobbs/tacho/airswitch, number of syndicate members etc is really important stuff to know and missing from so many ads!

And such a good description of the how the group operates too.

Your ad made me smile :D