Group flying opportunities & questions
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By Buzzc150
Due to relocation to Turweston (from Cranfield) we have a number of shares available in our group operating a PA28-150 G-BHFK & AA5 G-RATE.

Share price is around £1200 I believe (negotiable), £40 or £60/month depending if you want to fly 1 or both aircraft and £100/hour wet.

Please drop me a message here if you want more details. I’ve been in the group for almost 2 years and I’m very happy with it.

By Siepie
Buzzc150 wrote:I have PMd you.

Thanks, it looks like I can't even reply to PMs either until I have more posts :roll: . Can I have your email address and will email you my questions? Thanks
TopCat wrote:Minor point of order: is not G-RATE a Cheetah, rather than a Traveler?

Not that some Travelers aren't very nice indeed...

G-RATE is an AA5a Cheetah, with the engine bored out to 160hp, and a full airways avionics fit - including a GTN650. She flies very nicely indeed.