Group flying opportunities & questions
There appears to be a dearth of decent aircraft shares in this neck of the woods and I am thinking of rectifying the situation. Looking to base at Dunkeswell or a strip nearby and setting up either equity or non-equity for up to 8 people (self included).

I know, for ones pride and joy, they shouldn't share, but I can't justify the op costs for the hours I fly and it would be better to have another option for local aviators than is currently available.

Looking at a touring machine of C182/Arrow/TB20 ilk.

If interested, drop me a PM or reply here with equity/non-equity; type of A/C would most interest you and any suggesting on where to base.

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Hi guys,

Newly qualified PPL and looking to spread my wings. Currently live between Bath & Bristol and looking for a group that would be accepting of a low-hours newbie like myself, and even pass on a few words of wisdom.

Looking for a group within an hours' drive, so as far as Gloucester, Salisbury, Bridgewater, Swindon. Would be interested in hearing more about the startup Eurostar group if that's even still a possibility? Otherwise I'll just leave this comment here to put myself on the radar for anyone that's thinking of starting a group around the general area.

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Exeter can be pretty pricey on the landing fees unless they're bought in bulk - plus you can often end up waiting for the big boys which ramps up the time. I live in Exeter but would prefer Dunkeswell - I reckon by the time you get through the security gate and to the aircraft in Exeter, it's just as quick for me to get to Dunks - where I can be airborne 5-10 mins after getting in the plane and never have to orbit waiting for a Q400 or pay a landing fee :)

A couple of options at Dunks currently but nothing jumping out at me