Group flying opportunities & questions
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By Atco
Share wanted in something fun to fly in the Suffolk/N Essex area - based near Sudbury.
I'm not an hours builder, just want something cheapish to fly and put some fun back into my flying.
Approx 1850 hours experience, retired and keen.
Previous experience of running a flying group so if nothing available may try and set up a new group.
By robert79
Would you be interested in a Rollason Condor share?
It's definitely ticks the "fun" box! And it's cheap - £400 for the share, £20/month, £95/hr. You also need to be a member of the gliding club - £30ish/month
Excellent availability - it flies about 40 hours a year.

It's located at Tibenham in Norfolk, would that be too far away for you? 3 tarmac runways and never any hassle WRT to gliders and powered aircraft mixed operations. There's 2 hangars full of powered stuff from flex wing microlights, up to very expensive twins and everything in between.

I'd be happy to do you a test flight.

Go on, you know you want to!
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By Atco
Hi Robert

Many thanks for the offer but ideally I would prefer something a bit closer to home. However, if nothing else materialises I may well reconsider. I'll also drop in to Tibenham next time I'm up your way to have a look around.

Incidentally my first ever flight was in a Condor (G-ARVZ) at Stapleford in the early 70's but unfortunately I haven't flown a tailwheel aeroplane since.
By hatzflyer
What sort of thing do you want, where would you base it ? I've got something that is fun and cheap and very close to Sudbury :)