Group flying opportunities & questions
Hello all,

I’m looking for a share in a taildragger not too far from Winchester. I’m hoping I can find something not more than 30-45 mins driving away. I’d be really interested in something vintage, as older aircraft are a bit of a passion. My ideal would be a Chipmunk but I’m not sure there are any group run aircraft near me and I think I’d have to find out how hefty the running costs are on a Chippie !

My experience is 3500hrs and an FI(SEP) rating. I don’t have a mass of taildragger experience, but I would make sure I get current on them again before starting in a group.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks for the tip Spooky. I do go up to Popham quite regularly to have a look at their noticeboard, and to bask in the sunshine and watch planes coming and going. Well, when there is sunshine.

Not too much doing on the taildragger front there at the moment it seems, but it would be a good airfield for me .
Thanks for the reply Chris. Yes, Wycombe is a bit too far really - well over an hour away. As well as Popham, there are a couple of small strips near me which Im looking into. Thruxton would be pretty doable too.

Anyone know if there’s much in the way of powered flying out of Lasham, or is it exclusively gliding ?