Group flying opportunities & questions
I feel lucky to have very recently snaffled this aeroplane after waiting 2 years for the right one to come along. Those in the know appreciate how good the C-120 really is at fulfilling all manner of flying profiles from touring through to practicing circuits in challenging x-winds.

It has every desirable mod a buyer should look for including a fabulous Isenberg C-85 zeroed engine @140 hours ago. I love these aircraft for their load carrying capability, handling qualities and pure style.

Knowing C-120's in some detail, I was attracted to this one due to its overall condition, especially the engine. Previous owner had her for over 20 years and diligently met every mechanical need via a very respected and experienced LAA inspector.

So, as per heading, I am tentatively considering selling half share to a like minded classic wing enthusiast.

I must stress, as with any vintage taildragger, they aren't just show up, fly and forget till next time. I feel there is a strong element of teamwork and requirement for the partnership to pull in the same direction due to the inevitable extra care, attention and maintenance classic aeroplanes require. However, in my opinion, the flying experience makes it utterly worth it.

If you want to know more, drop me a pm.