Group flying opportunities & questions
By tfin25
Hello all

I'm a new PPL and i'm thinking about my options beyond hiring from schools.

I'd be interested in hearing about any shares available in any PA38/28-esque aircraft at Barton/Liverpool/Woodvale etc. I'm flying from Liverpool at the moment so ideally i'd like to stay here but i'm flexible.

The long term goal is ATPL, but for now I just want to enjoy my flying at a more cost effective way than renting from schools.

Southport & Merseyside Aero Club operates a Cessna 172N from Keenair at Liverpool. You can either join the club or take 5 hour blocks for up to 1 year (then you join or not). There is an advert "buried" in UKGA.COM. Or approach me for more information through GA Fuels Ltd at Liverpool 0151 486 3781.
JIm Addison
PS I am Warrington based also. :wink: