Group flying opportunities & questions
Hi all,

I'm a 250hr PPL with IMC Rating. I'm currently flying mainly a PA28 in a non-equity rental group close to North London which I have done since getting my PPL in 2011.

Whilst this has been great and satisfied my needs, I'm now considering taking that next step into a share and all the benefits that may potentially bring in terms of access and availability to expand my horizons.

With that in mind, does anyone have or know of any shares going in a decent 4 seat tourer (preferably a PA28-181) close to North London?

I'd also be interested to hear from any PA28 owners who would be interested in an ad-hoc non-equity arrangement.

There would certainly be nothing to lose by offering to fund a flight.

No group I have ever been part of would refuse if you are straight with them

Rob P

PS: To those in the boondocks Thurrock and N London are 'close enough' :lol: I suspect that in reality it might be a bit of a tedious trek?