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By Paul_Sengupta
:shock: :D

Blimey. How on earth do you land on that? And do you have the power to get to the top?! (obviously yes, but...)
By Jon Mercer
Just how do you go about developing a technique to land on that strip? And what is it???
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By Moose
This airstrip's pretty long, around 500m, and so landing half way up is preferred as the first third is heavily eroded. I actually wrote about how to land on sloped runways in Flyer Magazine's May edition if you have it but here's a brief summary:

To land on something steep, you need to have additional energy to allow the aircraft to settle onto to the slope without it being a controlled crash but also not too much or you’ll start to run out of runway as you fly up the airstrip. The technique I prefer to use is to fly a regular approach profile, as you would into a flat airstrip but at a very slightly faster speed than normal.

I begin the flare over the airstrip, allowing enough height for the aircraft to be established into ground effect. Once in the flare, I’ll bring the power back but not fully off as I want that additional energy from the prop to help pull the aircraft into a nose high attitude before the touchdown. You really don’t want to be nose low and doing wheeler landings on steep airstrips.

Once the aircraft is at the right attitude, basically flying up the airstrip, I’ll cut the power and allow it to land on all three wheels. Depending on the steepness of the airstrip I might have to jump back on the power to pull the aircraft up to the top of the airstrip. If you run out of momentum with a full aircraft on a slippery, steep airstrip like this one pictured, you might be in serious trouble. Getting up to the top or at least a place where the brakes can hold the aircraft is as vital as getting the landing nailed. You really don’t want to be stopped with the brakes on and find they won’t hold you after you shut the engine off.

Easy! :D
By Jon Mercer
Thanks Matt. I've got the May Flyer somewhere - but it's probably one of the dozens of articles I'm meaning to go back over when I've got the time. :oops:

Great description and yes you do make it sound easy. :lol: I'll have to get back in the Citabria and try something similar...
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By ray
Nayland is a good location to try out your steep airfield landings but do chat to the owner first, and ideally go in first time with someone who knows how to do it there :-)

Unfortunately some in the past have not had a great experience ;-(

It's a wonderful setting with stunning views out across 'Constable Country' - the Stour river valley. It has a friendly owner and a clubhouse for the many light aircraft based there - and visitors. It is located around 8 miles North of Colchester just over into the county of Suffolk. The River Stour forms the Essex / Suffolk border but passports are not required.

An interesting youtube video posted by Matt Covey is here :-)

You basically land on a Northerly heading in a steep uphill crease between two slopes that also rise up steeply on either side, there's a short flatiish section just beyond the Southern boundary tree line and HV Power cables at the threshold, and you then need lots of power to climb the remainder of the hill. Departures are to the South and start with a flattish section sheltered behind some 'farm buildings' but the runway then drops away steeply downhill. The bottom of the runway is around 100ft below the top !

My first flying visit there many years ago in a delightful Emeraude required a take off roll from the Northern hedgeline, over the lip of the hill, down half of the slope, before lifting away over the river valley and the rising valley slope towards Colchester. Quite a challenging and interesting place to visit :-0. The guys based there make it look so easy :-) Crosswinds and tailwinds can also be demanding.

A road visit first is a very good plan :-)

Have fun :-)
By Jon Mercer
Thanks Ray. If only I were closer...

I suspect there are a lot of people here who'll be able to make use of the info before I can.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Doesn't look too bad to me.

But then my strip's on a slope going into a valley as well, though with a fairly significant not-so-steep bit.
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By ray
Hi Paul, the video makes is look a tad tamer than in real life. Standing at the top or bottom of the slope it looks significant, looking left and right the side slopes are also pretty steep.

Do have a look and let us know what you think :-)

I believe hatz is now based back there, his views as an experienced resident would be welcomed, but as I say, the locals make it look easy..........usually :-) Although I live about 6 miles away I have only been in a few times, but I know the area pretty well as I shoot over a number of farms nearby.
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By Charliesixtysix
ray wrote:An interesting youtube video posted by Matt Covey is here :-)

I hope the camera angle is giving a skewed impression of where the tablet is mounted in that a/c cockpit?

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By mick w
I once flew as Pax with someone who had an Ipad hanging from the top of the Canopy , covering half the Screen , pleased I had a full one . :(