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By CGlobe
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By Morten
Nice, photos, Chris., Thanks for sharing.

CGlobe wrote: my DSLR and never got it out of the aircraft!


I cannot quite make up for it - I don't have the photographic eye which Chris has, nor the equipment... but mobile phones do have some use, so here are my snaps of the day:

A Berkut - apparently the only flying one in Europe. Think of it as a large Long-EZ with larger engine, fully retractable U/C and a larger engine. Oh, and carbon fibre instead of that old-fashioned glass stuff. Would be very high if not top of my list if I had access to and wanted to fly from A to B, where A and B are far apart and both had long tarmac runways. Drool....

A Tipsy Belfair. I had not seen one of these in the flesh before; it is a very handsome aircraft. Something in the lines of the trailing edge of the wing make it very bird-like and graceful (Silly me clipping its right wing of the photo!). Ms. M also thought it was attractive - coming from her, that is some compliment! Reading up on the type, it seems to one of a very small handful if that still flying. I hope to see it again :)

Paul's Dog. Good to see it looking good and out and flying again, resplendent in its yellow and black colour scheme. Again, Ms. M was able to recognise it - if only because of the bulldog in the windscreen. (There also seemed to be a DSLR on the front seat ;^) Getting some time in a dog has been on my wishlist ever since I learnt about them at the time they were, a.o., in use by the UAS. Sadly for me, the UAS didn't want me at all - something to do with my nationality...

This Stinson was amazing. Every piece of chrome was shining, every piece of leather was waxed and gleaming, every painted surface reflected the blue skies and grass. Even the rubber tyres looked like they were just out of the factory. Having given it the moniker 'Flying Station Wagon', the manufacturer probably expected the aircraft to be put to so many uses that most of them would look worn, but there was no sign of any ageing or wear on this specimen. Fabulous.

Everyone likes Van's aircraft and this RV6 looked very pretty sitting out in the sunshine. It seems almost a shame to say that the RVs have become too common to attract much attention any more. They have clean lines and graceful yet purposeful stance (the tail wheel version, at least) and a performance which few can match. I'd happily have one any day :)

And 2 lovely looking Jodels. Again, Ms. M liked the look of them. Jodels are friendly looking, a pleasure to fly, can be operated out of any type of strip and have proven themselves reliable and versatile - as evidenced by the large number still flying and giving pleasure to their owners. Who wouldn't want one?

Finally, an Ercoupe/Aircoupe. I must admit when I first saw it I thought it looked a bit like a Jodel from the front... although the canopy slides back and it has a cuter snout. But it wasn't until I walked up to it I noticed the twin tail, which makes it very different looking. And it is a fully metal construction. Looking for more detail, I was surprised to see that the original design was from the late 30's, although the venturi nozzle should have given the game away. Regardless, it looked in excellent condition. The owner admitted to the sliding canopy needing a bit of lubrication, but at least it means he can fly with it partially open; sounds like a feature and not a bug, I thought :-)

Note to self for the next fly-in: take care not to clip the wings of aircraft being photographed!

Thanks to all who were there. Very nice to see such a variety of aircraft, so well looked after. I felt ashamed to arrive in an old PA-28, which stuck out like a sore thumb in the line-up. Still, it got me there and back and I got a lot of food for thought regarding types of aircraft and types of flying to get into ...

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By Paul_Sengupta
The PA28 looked quite elegant and shiny if you ask me. Are you suffering from PA28 fatigue in the same way as others suffer RV fatigue? :D

Funny to see the RV and Jodel in the same photo - the canopy lines and tailfin lines aren't a million miles apart,

That all metal Robin HR100 is lovely. It's based at Blackbushe and there are a couple of shares available if anyone's interested. I believe it's currently £100 a month, £90 an hour and it's an excellent long distance touring aeroplane which is currently underused. Contact Iceman of this parish if you're interested.
By hatzflyer
I too thought your Cherrytree looked pretty.
At the end of the day it got you there and back didn't it !

I am told that there is a microlight in the hangar which I didn't see which has a sign on it to the effect of " please be carefull when moving my aircraft, it may not be a super XYZ but it is my pride and joy and it cost me XXX£ "
I think it is sad that the owner felt that he had to put that notice on his pride and joy. We should all respect each others choices, after all we are all in it for the joy of flying .

We proved that gliders and powered aircraft CAN fly in harmony , no one griped when asked to orbit whilst a glider was launched and no gliders where delayed at the launch point.

It was a shame I was tied to the radio all day as I would liked to have spent more time to encourage people to swap rides etc and give a few in my RV , but hey ho it was pretty busy on the radio what with the extended taxying and we all had a good time,...Maybe next time .