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By Genghis the Engineer
Actually, that was filmed inside the BDN/Wallop CMATZ, And just outside the standard rejoin route for Chilbolton airfield which is just under the eastern stub and around a mile east of the location of the UAV. The immediate vicinity sees quite a lot of low level helicopter activity.

Nice film, just a friendly reminder of the importance of being aware of local aviation activity when doing these things.

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By Redspan
Thanks for the reminder. I am aware and always carry out a predeployment survey before visiting a site. I then carry out site survey on site and a dynamic risk assessment throughout the filming.

With a (lapsed) PPL and thanks to the training for the RPQ-s qualification I keep a good lookout and listen too. Besides, I'm legally constrained to fly below 400ft and an alert pops up on my screen if I approach that limit.