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Have you guys got any unusual or rare photos why flying?

I'm talking about the ones where you were just in the right place at the right time and are unlikely to capture it again. They need not be in focus or artistic, this is all about the subject of the photo and not the quality of it.

I took this one today and then realised that (once it has been recovered) I would be unlikely to ever see a ship of this size on it's side again in my life. It's not something I could arrange to take as I doubt there are many ships on their sides.

While my photo isn't that great I figure you guys must have caught some interesting moments over the years.
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By Neil MacG
While getting to grips with the Auster many years ago - I took photo of a boat near Cowes when heading back from Sandown.

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By Miscellaneous
Whilst not an entirely unique sight it is in keeping with the nautical theme.

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By madmaveric
Nice pics, I feel a nautical theme starting :D