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By Keef
This may look complicated at first reading, but after a few times it will become instinctive.

Those who do know, please check this for errors, because I only use one of these methods...

Step One: make sure the photograph is on your computer and that you know where to find it.
The picture should ideally be a JPG and not more than 800 pixels wide. Larger won't fit the screen, smaller may lose detail, but it's up to you.
If it's already hosted and larger than 800 wide, the RIMG function will resize it "on the fly" - see separate post.
The filename should be all lower case, and should not have any spaces or strange characters in the filename.
While there are ways to overcome the problems spaces and funny characters cause, keeping it simple makes for an easier life.

Step Two: decide where you are going to put it:

- On your own webspace:

Simply connect to your webspace, and use any suitable FTP client to upload it. I use Filezilla, which is free and works well.
Start the FTP client, move the "local" window to the folder on your PC where the picture is, move the "remote" window to the folder where you want to put it, drag, and drop.
The URL for your picture is the full address of your webspace, plus the name of the folder, plus the name of the picture.
So, if your webspace is "" and the folder is "flying" and the picture is "me.jpg", then the URL is http:// (they all start with that) followed by the rest separated by strokes - so

Post that URL on the forum in line with Step Three.

- On a hosting site such as photobucket:

Create an account if you don't have one. Just go to the photobucket site and fill in the form.
I've written this for photobucket, but similar applies for flickr and others.

Log in. Click "Upload". Select "Upload from Computer" then click on "Choose photos".
Let each photo upload. It might take a while.

When it's done, you will probably get a pop-up inviting you to have fun. If you do, click the little X at the top right hand corner of the popup to get rid of it.
Continue uploading pictures till you are done.

When all the pictures are uploaded, click on "Library". Get rid of any pop-ups so that you can see your pictures.

Move your cursor over the Photobucket copy of the picture you want to display on the Forum. A gear wheel will appear at the top right of the picture. Click that.
Slide down to "Get links" and click that. Three greyish boxes will appear. Click inside the one labelled "Direct". It will say "Copied".

Paste that link onto a Notepad page as backup if you like safety. Otherwise, continue.

You now have a long link ending with .jpg - it might look something like this: ... 942851.jpg

That is your URL. Post it on the forum in line with Step Three.

Step Three: Post it on the forum:

Navigate to the Forum and topic where you want to put your picture and start (or edit) your post.
In the place where you want the photograph to appear, click Img (in the bar immediately above the posting window) and paste your URL into the gap between the two tags - the cursor will already be there, so Edit-Paste will do it.

Click "Preview" to make sure your picture is within the size limits. If you get an error message about the size of the picture, then use RIMG tags instead of IMG - see the separate thread in here about RESIZING PICTURES FOR DISPLAY

Repeat as required if there are several pictures.

Click "Submit".

If yours was like the ... 942851.jpg I mentioned above, you'll see something like this: