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By nimbusj15
Has it groundlooped and ended facing the wrong direction or did it just go sideways? Good job he wasn't on a boat.
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By Flying Scotsman
Here's the link to the video on youtube.

Another video with some bongo drum music :lol:

With commentary.......
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By Morley
I love the positive spin on the commentary.

If it was a British Airshow it would've gone "****! He's blown a tyre. He's not gonna get out of this without a groundloop or worse! Woah, there he goes! Let's see if he can total the stabilators! Yeeah, there goes another 10 mil! He's gonna get his **** chewed off by the wingco!"

Unless of course the commentator was Raymond baxter who, as we all know, was god.
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By mmcp42
so why's it called a ground loop? and not a ground spin?