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By Fellsteruk
Hi all

Used my hero4 for the first time the other day to record a flight with cockpit sound but I noticed that I’m getting some static noise.

The noise doesn’t appear to be from the radios as I got the static noise as soon as I started recording and before radio on. It’s not a lot of static noise but enough to be annoying.

Any suggestions.
By Fellsteruk
I’m using the direct input from my headset ( have an adapter cable from my headset to usb into go pro) my understanding is that when in use the onboard mic is disabled and that makes sense as the only audio recorded was from radio nothing external.

I was getting the static noise before the radios went on, as soon as it started recording it had the noise will try and add a section of the video so you can hear the sound. I wonder if it’s my £25 adapter cable from amazon?
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By gonzohop
I get it all the time no matter what aircraft I'm in. All 30+ year old Warriors. Some are better than others, some are horrendous. I have to rip the audio from the video (I use Quicktime for that) and use Audacity to get the static out. It's an easy job but quite time intensive. Can take me about 30 mins to edit around an hour of footage if it's really bad. If it's mild it can take maybe 2 minutes - Audacity is clever stuff. After that I put the audio and video together in Final Cut Pro. If you find a better solution let me know!