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By Fellsteruk
Hey everyone,

It’s sods law that since getting a mount for my go pro and a cable to record ATC the weather has had me grounded but as I’ve watched more vids I’ve realized I need a prop filter.

I’m getting mixed info from my googling but I wanted to check these so called prop filters.... it’s just a Neutral sensuality filter?

I’ve seen a pack of ND filters on amazon for 13 quid which I was gonna order but wanted to check that’s what everyone else is using as a prop filter.

By Gas Guzzler
Can't comment on the Go-Pro but I use an adjustable neutral density filter on my digital video camera. Some fidling with the density setting was needed initially but once set seems to give acceptable results. It the set you are looking at means you can choose what density level you have then it should work well. Best of luck.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Fellsteruk wrote:it’s just a Neutral sensuality filter?

Density. Neutral *density* filter. :D

If you want to experiment you can get them for a couple of quid from e-bay or aliexpress. Try ND8, ND16 and ND32, depending on how bright the day is. Or try a variable one as above. I've got a variable one to try but I haven't mounted any cameras or anything anywhere, and I'm not that bothered filming stuff really... :D

I've got an 8, I think (or is it a 16? Hmm...) and it doesn't completely get rid of the effect on the camera I tried it with. But that was just a cheap camera. I was going to go darker but never got round to trying it.
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