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By PeteSpencer
This is my first go pro attempt mainly to find best position for go pro and to fiddle with sound hence constant chatter.

It’s not edited ( don’t know how)

Taken before I fitted the prop filter

Have since moved camera position to see less of the back of my head

Comments welcome

PS Just noticed for the first time right at the very end(9'35) you can hear our very own ANRman (rholder of this parish) on Safetycom going into High Cross in his Europa G-OWWW)
Small world. :lol:
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Quite enjoyed that Peter, although I like to see more of where you're going or at least if internal I like to be able to read instruments.

However, my burning question is; can you explain the reason behind the gloves please? I know RAF pilots have a tendency to wear them, however I don't know many civilian pilots who wear them. Especially as heavy as yours appear to be.
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By PeteSpencer
Gloves were a present from no 1 son when he left Brenda (RAF Nav)He showed me the videos and images and I decided I’d wear them for same reason Getting a bit tatty now

Same reason that I don’t fly in short sleeves or shorts or flip flops./sandals.

And cotton all round.

Like I said this was my first ever attempt firstly to check sound (problems with squelch in first minute) and remote operation from iPhone and secondly to find optimum camera position to show less of my head and more of exterior

Also now have fitted prop filter and found slightly better camera position

Peter :wink:

I enjoyed doing that circuit and touch and go with you. I always learn something from watching other pilots, especially flying different types to the ones I'm used to.

I'm with you and almost always wear long sleeves and long trousers, I wore a short-sleeved polo shirt the other week and felt quite decadent. I have a couple of pairs of gloves left over from former lives and often wear them. I guess it's just the way I was trained and if it gives me a few more seconds to get my **** together if it all goes Pete Tong then I'm all for that. Gloves also help if you get sweaty palms and with my landings I often get sweaty palms :D