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By seanxair
Charles Hunt wrote:Only just seen this.

1 What speed do you fly the approach? I aim for 50kts which is plenty in the bank. Stops flying at about 30kts

2. How neatly can you turn left if you need to over-run?
It would have to be very slowly as it is on a lateral bank when facing down the farm drive. If I had to I would of course but as well as being a farm track it is a public footpath. I do overfly to ensure no thing/person is coming. It is by far the trickier approach in this video when the wind is in the east as the strip is level and then runs downhill. With the wind from the west I'm landing uphill before leveling off.

Never overrun in either direction, but never say never as I got a wriggle on this morning on landing as over braked on one side and while not even close to losing the back end it was a timely reminder that it has it's own heart and soul!
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By seanxair
malcolmfrost wrote:Love the checking right before entering the track :D

Quick look just to confirm no-one is there but have been scanning all the way down so pretty sure all is well