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This giant VC10 has a wingspan of 4.9 metres and length of 5.75 metres. Total weight is 63 kgs. The model is powered by 4 Wren Super Sport micro gas turbine engines each of which has 18 lbs if thrust. Designed and built by Terry Mason. Flown by Dave Johnson, LMA Chairman.

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1:3 scale Piper J-3 Cub flown at the Large Model Association Show at RAF Cosford. Scratch built and without the context of the owner in the background you would think it was the real full size aircraft. Amazing.

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Always great to see scale models of full size aircraft I've not seen before. This scratch built Agentine FMA IA 58 Pucará being a twin was especially interesting. Considering the weather it flew really well. 

Was sent this to try out. Decent size and comes with 2.0MP cam that transmits to your smart phone with a downloadable App , captured to a micro SD card in the drone. 2 flight speed modes. Comes with 2 batteries each of which give a good 10 minutes flying time. I thought it was good if you want to try out FPV and aerial video on the cheap for the first time (i.e. only $55 !).

NEW HobbyKing BIXLER 3 Cheap Trainer/FPV platform
Got my hands on the new version of the Bixler 3 a few weeks back ahead of its launch yesterday (6th December). Minutes to put together. Apparent changes from the original are larger space up front for bigger lipos, so more flight time. Re-designed for FPV. It comes with a pre-assembled ply mount for your FPV gear. Designed with optional flaps. I dropped my RunCam 2 and its docking station onto the nose and it worked well. Great view from my FPV goggles like I was sitting in the cockpit and flying the plane !

Essential RC Crash, Burn, Explode, Speed and Thrill Compilation 2017
It's been a great year for RC. Was difficult deciding what clips to pull into my annual crash and thrill action compilation. Mostly likely I'll make another because there were so many! But here are my best bits. Looking forward to 2018 already.

Top 10 Biggest RC Airplanes (UltraHD/4K resolution)
2017 was a good year for giant scale model aircraft. Travelling around the country to several shows I got the opportunity to film some of these monsters in action. Most of these take several years to build from scratch. Quite amazing engineering achievements. Here are my top 10 in no particular order of preference. What's your favourite?

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Top 10 'Essential RC' Giant Scale Warbirds for 2017
A compilation of the best giant scale RC warbirds seen at UK shows this year. Corsair, B-52s, Lancaster bomber and P-51s to name a few. Enjoy !

@dominicm, some of these are very impressive and of course many pilots have an R/C modelling background.

I do think these videos are more suitable for an R/C forum than a GA one, though.