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avtur3 wrote:Your recent productions of the Lightning and the A10 are excellent.
Keep it up :thumleft:

Really appreciate the feedback. Thanks so much. I enjoy the challenge of taking the vids especially I now have a pro 4K cam. Looking forward to next season and covering a bit more full size as well.
Before the days of RC...we had control line. Some still race with control line models today. Quite entertaining to watch. You get the impression that with one false move you could risk decapitation.

3 guys playing endless musical-chairs around an invisible maypole . :P

My memory goes back to 1958-9. I built a Kiel Craft Chipmunk and also a Phantom-mite . Can't remember which was first, but the model was supposed to be for a .75 cc engine...I had an AM10, which was, supposedly, the most powerful 1cc on the market. Shanghaied my mate and we went to the local "reck" (recreation-ground, a park with slides, roundabouts, swings etc. the likes of which have all been banned, now as "dangerous"...15-20 foot high slide made the climb worthwhile :) )....
Laid out the control-lines, showed buddy how to hold and release model and explained how to bend down and run-in and stay behind me, on a signal. the run-in to proceed as soon as the 'plane passed him.........well the first couple of laps went well, I signalled Rob to join me. yep, he was a beanpole and disinclined to bend down or run.....
Give him his due, he was probably over 20 feet of the 30 foot lines ,towards me, when they came round again and smacked into him at waist height :shock:
I stood mesmerised as the model proceeded to wrap him securely in double wire-wraps at an ever increasing speed....I think we were both crapping ourselves, for different reasons. I had ducked and run, abandoning the now-useless control-handle, he stood ,pinioned and petrified, whilst this howling, smoking dervish came ever closer to mincing him. All was not lost for him, for there was a loud "CRACK", as my painstaking labours broke free of the lines and shot up vertically, like a 3d firework rocket. We watched in awe, as it wobbled, turned and came howling down with a banshee wail, followed by a thud and an eerie silence. " sad and chastened schoolboys returned home with a carrier-bag of firewood .

I never attempted any other model-flying with him.
Some stunningly scale warbirds from the BMFA Power Nationals 2017. An annual competition event hosted by the British Model Flying Association that brings the best together of all RC aero-modelling disciplines.

Seems a trend has started at RC shows this year with turbine jets and warbirds flying in the same slot. I think the pilots like the challenge of trying to fly them in formation despite the massive difference in power and flying style. Filmed at the Large Model Association Cosford Show.

John Greenfield (Ghost Squadron) built this half scale Klemm KL 25 from plans of the actual full size aircraft. He also used the same materials in its construction and chose the Valach 420cc 5 cylinder radial engine (VM R5-420). An engine more powerful than the engines used in the full size aircraft!

This model has a wingspan of 6.5 metres and length of 3.8 metres.
The weight is 57 KG.

Filmed at the Large Model Association (LMA) Cosford Show 2017.

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Dave Johnson, Chairman of the Large Model Association, flies this stunning scale Bede 8, together with John Greenfield (Ghost Squadron) flying the highly detailed 66% scale Beercraft 'Honey Bee'.