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Wasn't aware these projectiles could get THAT quick. I guess having a race tuned two stroke, very little fuel onboard to minimise weight and one wing helps ! Filmed in UltraHD / 4K. Watch out for the super slo mo at the's still fast.

Great to get a radio controlled wing that just requires 4 screws to put together. No glue. Took more time to apply the 6 decals than it did to get it flight ready. 90cm wingspan so good size. Comes with everything pre-installed and a 3-in-1 cam/VTX/antenna that fits into a purpose made recess in the wing. Needs a 3S2200 up front. Has 3 different nose covers for different HD cams. My RunCam2 slotted in perfectly. Also 2 ply frames for even greater flexibility. Would need lead up front if you don't drop in a cam. Easy to self launch with 2/3 power. Has good turn of speed but isn't ballistic. Needs a gyro as did get bumpy when I was flying in moderate wind. Priced low at $80 (link is in the vid description). Looking forward to some FPV racing with this with my buddies.

Filmed in UltraHD / 4K with some onboard footage to show the FPV experience.

The Fun Fighters are always a highlight of any Show they take part in. I've seen them at several shows this year and with Daren Graham and Mark Aubrey leading them they can't but fail to have fun and put on an entertaining flying slot for the public. These are small, fast and easy to build WW2 kits available from Here's a vid of these awesome models in action.

My buddy Simon Potter flying his superb Tomahawk Designs L-39 Albatros XXL at a Jet Modellers Association meeting at the BMFA National Visitor Centre in Buckminster, Lincolnshire. This model is decorated in the scheme of the Baltic Bees Jet Team. Simon is obviously a fan and who can blame him. If you watch videos of them performing you can see what he is trying to emulate in terms of flying style.

Steve Johnson, regular UK RC Show pilot, flies his new A-10 at BMFA National Visitor Centre in Buckminster. This Skymaster A-10 is 1:6.25 scale with length 2552 mm (101.3”) and wingspan 2784mm (109.6”). Dry weight is 20kg to 22kg (45-48Lbs) and the model needs 13-15 servos. I took a bit of creative licence and added some real GAU-8 gatling gun sound as its unique to the A-10. Steve told me he intends to get a backing sound track together with A-10 live firing to compliment his aerobatic display at shows next year. Looking forward to it !

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The 'Ghost Squadron' give a superb demonstration of both unpowered and powered gliders at the BMFA Power Nationals 2017. The Minimoa is a classic design with its gull wings. It gets pulled up by a tug fitted with a 100cc engine. The racing glider is powered by an electric motor with a single blade propellor that is automatically deployed from within the fuselage into a vertical position before it starts up.

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Luke Metcalf, assisted by his Father Paul, flying this in true scale style at the BMFA Power Nationals 2017. Lightning by name and he flies it like Lightning. I had trouble keeping up with my camcorder. Full after burners and tight turns. TERRIFIC !

Some details of this amazing model.
Built by Trond Hammerstad from Norway from the Airworld Modellbau kit. 9 litres of fuel onboard in two 4.5 litre tanks.
Scale: 1/5
Span: 176 cm
Length: 284 cm
Engine: B300F turbine (320N thrust)

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There are some truly stunning models around these days and the combination of technology in the models and flying skills is something that could only have been dreamt of many years ago (when I was a lad in the early 60's). A time when my rubber powered free flight Keil Kraft Ajax was the best a lad could hope for.

Times have moved on and the tech and flying skills are now at a level that nobody could have ever imagined possible but they are here today.

Your video skills in recording and presenting are equally good, your framing in the fast panning shots is superb, I have to say there is so much rubbish on the web, hours and hours of video of nothing more than "dots on the screen", your videos provide a very detailed and accurate record of these wonderful flying events.

Your recent productions of the Lightning and the A10 are excellent.

Keep it up :thumleft:
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Crazy fast 200mph+ pulse jet control line action from the BMFA Power Nationals. I can't comprehend how you control the pitch on these models while they are travelling at these speeds while keeping balance. Compelling to watch !