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You won't see a better collection of WW1 warbirds on display. Not only are these flying works of art scratch built but they are flown in close formation. The always impressive 'Dawn Patrol'. Flown at the Weston Park International Model Show and filmed in glorious UltraHD / 4K resolution.

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This is why I'm saving up for a Moki 400 radial. Sounds like no other engine. Attached to this gorgeous scratch built P-47 Reno Racer it just looks awesome with the smoke pouring out of the exhausts. Flown at the Weston Park International Model Show and filmed in stunning UltraHD/4K resolution.

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The pyrotechnic war is always a big highlight of the Southern Model Show. This year didn't disappoint. Several planes caught fire and crashed. All in name of entertainment and fun for the crowd (and pilots). Here is a great vid of the action. Filmed in UltraHD/4K.

Probably the scariest thing I have ever filmed. This is a Dreadnought control line pulse jet flown in competition at the BMFA Power Nationals. I wasn't inclined to get too close to this projectile averaging over 200mph...

Did you pick up the voice of the commentator saying that the speed had averaged 203.5mph (over 8 laps) ... but it wasn't as quick as earier flights :shock:

Now at least that one was 'tethered' (control line in modellers speak) ... if you want to go really insane then take a look at these radio controlled pulse jets.


There has been a Dutch Pulse Jet Team touring Europe for many years, they are quite incredible.
Superb Avro Vulcan XH355 bomber from master builder Tony Nijhuis. Fitted with 'after-burners' and at 98 inch wingspan it makes quite an impression. Flown at Southern Model Show to a very appreciative crowd.