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British Airways Freewing AL37 RC twin 70mm EDF Airliner

Takes about 1 hour to assemble and then quite a bit of effort to apply the custom scheme. A combination of automotive paint and decals. Flying this EDF jet is very easy compared to other RC jets. Flies like a trainer and slows down nicely for a flared landing. 

Turbine jets that perform high risk Hovering and 3D
Rarely seen and that's no surprise because it is relatively high risk and that these jets typically cost $20K+. Not for the average RC pilot.

Sharing a video I shot of a unique scale aircraft I've not seen modelled before. The interior matched the excellent detail on the exterior and it was nicely flown on the day by its owner.

This 1:6 scale Trimotor has a 4 metre wingspan and was designed and constructed by Joachim Damrath. The radial engines are of the Triplane are actually imitations, hiding the ZG Gas engines producing the power for this plane. Total weight is only 24KG!

Jon Porter, Director of Microaces, gave me an introduction to his range of unique depron foam sheet constructed micro radio controlled historic model aircraft with the Bristol F.2b. These kits are as Jon describes a cross between a folded card model and an Airfix kit. It takes minimal skills to build one of these model aircraft if you follow the comprehensive instructions and guidance.

Microaces design and manufacture innovative model replica kits of historic aircraft that are of display quality BUT make exceptional flyers with the aid of micro radio control equipment. Each kit closely resembles a specific aircraft that has earned its place in the Aviation Hall of Fame. Whether because of the daring pilot that flew it or because of its own reputation for magnificence.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Microaces kits use modern materials, an advanced printing system and accurate laser cutting to make the components for each kit. This all combines to create a very lightweight, yet beautifully detailed scale aircraft that can be flown indoors and out.

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Jon Porter, Director of Microaces, demonstrates this quite awesome looking micro flying boat. The detail on this model is exceptional ! The Mercedes D.III 6 cylinder engine is just one of the detail features of this kit. The Hansa-Brandenburg flying boat can be flown off water or a smooth flat hard surface. The addition of optional wheels onto the bottom of the floats assist with hard surface take offs.

The Microaces Hansa-Brandenburg W12 kit replicates one of the most successful German naval float planes of WWI. Not only is the unusual configuration of the aircraft tail, the floats and strut-work accurately modeled, but Microaces have gone to great lengths to include intricate details that make this kit a worthy static display model as well as an excellent scale radio controlled flyer.

Airframe: 1/24th scale
Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length: 400mm / 15.7"
Wingspan: 470mm / 18.5"
Wing Area: 7.25 sq dm / 112.4 sq in.
Flying Weight: 55.0g/1.9oz
Wing Load: 7.59g/ / 2.49oz/sq.ft.
Recommended Flight Pack: Microaces AIO Flight Pack PLUS for HB W.12
Rec. Motor / G.Box: Microaces Gearbox with Power Motor (Coming soon)
Rec. Prop: GWS 5030
Skill Level - Build: Intermediate
Skill Level - Pilot: Intermediate
Tools required: Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick, straight edge, tweezers
Rec. Adhesive: UHU por / Foam safe CA / Aliphatic glue

The particular aircraft livery that adorns this W.12 model was flown by Friedrich Christiansen, a 13 victory seaplane ace. Christiansen went on to become commander of the Wehrrmacht in the Netherlands in WWII.

The W.12 was very sparsely rigged with very few flying wires, instead relying on its structure and A-frame strut configuration. This makes the Microaces kit an ideal choice for those that enjoy an involved and comprehensive build but aren't keen on all that string!

The Flight Pack required for the W.12 includes a more powerful motor to help power the aircraft off the water. Look out for the Microaces Flight Pack PLUS to power the Hansa-Brandenburg W.12

For the discerning model builder Microaces have also created a Static Display Pack of beaching dollies and a support trestle set. It closely replicates the hardware used to move and store the real aircraft. This is available as an optional extra.

A rubber band free flight De Havilland Tiger Moth kit converted to radio controlled electric power...and it flew so well. This 18 inch / 460mm wingspan kit is available from Vintage Model Company ( and takes very little time to build apparently. With modern micro servos, small brushless electric speed controllers and motors the conversion isn't too challenging either.

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