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By StratoTramp
I really like the historical bent - only just seen these. :thumleft: Great thing to do from the air. It's clear you know your stuff as you speak very eloquently about the topics whilst flying!

For my Low Land Leader (basically a baby version of Mountain Leader), you have to demonstrate you can add some interest to the walk. It never hurts to research some local history. There are fascinating bits all around.
i also have this 'iNaturalist' app (not to be confused with the other one! :lol: ) which lets you snap a picture of a wildflower, plant, bug or mushroom and it will identify it. It's pretty good. As it means you can talk about the plants you see to (excuse to stop and rest if you see some of the group are tiring).

Was walking through the woods behind my airfield and thought, why on earth is it paved everywhere - little bit of research and it was 1 of the 5 forward filling stations for mustard gas bombs in WW2 (fortunately never used). 1500 tonnes (of gas!) at that site apparently - some areas of the woods are still fenced off where they incinerated it after as traces could remain. A B-17also crash landed into a garden in the village. I'm hoping maybe to do "StratoTramps" sister channel, where i combine a flight somewhere with a big hike.
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