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By StratoTramp
Edit: Have renamed this thread, and will just upload videos to it as I go. I am organising the channel around some educational stuff (next video on navigation) as well as just shorts. With the aim to get more people interested in flying as ultimately more pilots is good for GA.

There is always a tension on the YouTube format between losing viewers and describing everything to the nth degree (my QNH\QFE is a good example where i haven't specifically gone into transition altitude / transition layer etc). You also have to use some quite Click-Baity titles. I know pilots are a pedantic lot and for very good reason - but personally I think there are enough checks and balances in aviation. Where someone can't just jump into a plane and try things and will get instruction. Also that I know it's hard to believe these days given what we see in the media, but I think most people do have common sense. Though new depths of stupidity are being discovered everyday.

I am hoping that some of the content may help others in some way just by describing things in a different way or by visualisation rather than a static picture in a text book. Anyway...


CAP 2163 Video Not technical. More trying to entice new people in and show potential, expand people's views of microlights - Notwithstanding no acrobatics.

Trying to get a bit better each time at editing (and just speaking!). Been bored for the last 3 weeks as grounded for various reasons!

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Bit of footage from GoPro MAX. Really
nice evening on Tuesday. Need to go into the advanced settings and change AWB and tell it not to go mad with the contrast.

This camera shoots in 360⁰ (well almost), I haven't uploaded in 360 - though you can do this, then the viewer can move their phone around to change angle as they are watching. Instead In the mode I have used I have set keyframes and the software will translate between them and output a standard video.

EDIT: Having edited the title, here is my Popham Microlight trade show video. I actually didn't intend to make this into a video. The plan on the day was to collect background video for future videos.

If you fly a microlight see if you can spot yourself (Also, sorry I kind of neglected the flex wings!)
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By StratoTramp

Deliberate low approach, to get behind tree line and get out of wind - I know this has generated some discussion as some people say it helps, others say like the text book the wind is more turbulent behind the trees. Also, TopCat has also kindly shown me the humorous video AvWeb video about wide circuits, and dragging yourself in on power :lol: I guess it is largely condition and site dependent.

Windsock doesn't look like it but it was gutsing 13-15knts from the port side that day. Was getting pushed around a lot on base/final (they sort of merge at sackville as there is a dogleg to avoid village).

This was actaully the third landing of the the day. I did 'more' normal approaches at Leicester and Fenland. But those lucky sites have more than 1 strip, so crosswind isn't a thing. :lol:

Though it is a really long strip. We try get down by the windsock generally otherwise go around, at the end of the video you can see the ruts that bounce the plane (gap in the hedge). Beyond the windsock where the hedge row ends, another hedge used to run directly across the strip, there is a slight mound here which also bumps you back up into the air if you are not careful. :lol:

Old QFE Vid, bad sound sorry! Currently working on a chart navigation tutorial (i.e. another long boring video!), admittedly I've only done 1 aerial Nav, but I am hot on my OS nav with a lowland leader qualification and there is a lot of read across.

Both views are shot on the same camera at once (GoPro Hero Max - 360°), what's interesting is that you can set the camera to remain 'level', whilst the camera actually stays relative to the plane it uses gyros to level the image to the horizon so you can see the plane rotating around the camera. I used some keyframes to keep it broadly facing forwards/backwards. As well as a keyframe to look at the the tree on passing. Though it gives a different view on crabbing.