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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Air Europa (EC-MSZ) "JJ Hidalgo" taxi (close view) and takeoff , runway 12, Manises Valencia Airport (VLC) with ATC audio included (May 25 2021) with Villarreal FC Football Team to Gdansk to play the final of the Europa League this wednesday against Manchester United.
Airbus A330-343 Iberojet EC-MII (Evelop) taxi Close up and takeoff runway 12 Manises Valencia Airport (VLC) with ATC audio included , with fans of the Villarreal FC Football to Gdansk to the final of the UEFA Europa League against Manchester United, that won (May 25 2021)

Start, taxi and takeoff of a legendary B-52H of the Air Force Global Strike Command's Bomber Wing 2 at the Moron base (Spain) come from the Barksdale base, in the State of Louisiana along with three other B-52Hs to participate in the African Lion 21 military exercises together with Morocco June 17, 2021
First time that four aircraft of this type operate in Spain