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By PeteSpencer
Great video: Brought back fond memories of one of the late Keef and I west coast flying fortnights in 2006 when we flew into Sedona on the reciprocal runway in an Archer: slight complication is towering rock formation on the late downwind you have to fly around, temporarily losing sight of the runway.

We got weathered in for an extra day when the mesa was shrouded by cloud for 24 hours:

Is the airport restaurant still there? We had a fantastic Crab night, bibs and all.

Peter :wink:
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By Paul_Sengupta
PeteSpencer wrote:Is the airport restaurant still there?

Think the one that's there now is fairly new. Not sure if it's the same people.
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By Rob L
Thanks for posting!
As a fresh UK PPL in the early 1990s , I got my very easy 61.75 FAA ticket (whatever it was called back then) at Deer Valley, Phoenix and then immediately rented a C150 to fly to Sedona two-up in a Cessna 150.
I was completely ignorant of density altitude. Thankfully it was winter!

I went from there to Payson which was completely snow-covered. The ridge between the two is about 10,000 feet AMSL.

Quite how I and my passenger survived the trip in a 100-hp aircraft makes me look back upon it in wonder. :oops: