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It's been indicated by the CAA that the following VOR's are scheduled for decomissioniong, starting in 2011.

BKY - Barkway
DTY - Daventry
INS - Inverness
MAY - Mayfield
BEN - Benbecula
DCS - Dean Cross
JSY - Jersey
MID - Midhurst
BIG - Biggin Hill
DET - Detling
LAM - Lambourn
OCK - Ockham
BNN - Bovingdon
DVR - Dover
LON - London
PTH - Perth
BCN - Brecon
GAM - Gamston
LYD - Lydd
SAM - Southampton
BPK - Brookman’s Park
GOW - Glasgow
MAC - Macrihanish
TNT - Trent
CFD - Cranfield
GWC - Goodwood
MCT - Manchester
TRN - Turnberry
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By Adam
Will we be able to use GPS instead then?
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By Keef
We're going backwards in time! VORs being decommissioned, while NDBs remain in use?
GPS will be banned by 2012, mark my words. It'll be poles with bonfires on top by 2020.
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By Timothy
So Ofcom can sell the frequencies for, um.......
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By mmcp42
that should make life interesting when you get dumped out of CAS and have to find your own way between Stansted and Luton, IFR in the dark!

are they barking mad?

is there a safety case?
I am sure I am missing something. VOR mandated in IFR fit, most of GA fleet don't have approved GPS (and GPS does not seem trusted by CAA for GA) so the nav aid most recommended/reliable and usable (other than GPS) is having its cover significantly reduced, especially those that can help you stay out out of CAS. Does this start on 1st April or is it a cunning plan to get more revenue from infringements fines?

Must just be cost cutting and stuff the safety impact. Good job that an impact analysis and consultation does not need to be done first........
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By AndyR
Why not take out SFD as well and wipe out any chance of navigating around the south east in IMC?

Honestly, who thinks these things up? :evil: :roll:
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By Timothy
I am sure that attitudes towards GPS will soften before the VORs disappear. They are enormously expensive bits of kit to maintain, and there is a far superior and cheaper alternative.

I very, very rarely use VORs in anger. Actually I probably use NDBs more than VORs.
By Colonel Panic
Mike Cross wrote:It's been indicated by the CAA that the following VOR's are scheduled for decomissioniong, starting in 2011.

Will the associated DMEs be axed too?
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By Iceman
I see that they're keeping Shawbury - SWB then :lol: :lol:

What is the schedule for phasing out these VORs, and what realistic alternative are they proposing ?

Iceman 8)
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By Keef
I think the last theory I read was that you have two DMEs instead, and do some geometry on the plotting table in your cockpit.
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By Night Hawk
Will this go out to pilot consultation or is it a done deal??

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By nickwilcock
I tackled DAP about this. The consultation document is NOT on their website, but they intend to add it next week.

I have also asked HOW to respond to the consultation - specifically to whom and by what medium.

I was going to post all this once I'd had all the answers. The person responsible for the consultation process had the temerity to write to me stating:

"GA pilots operating VFR should be navigating by means of a map and not relying on instrument navigation aids."

Presumably he's never heard of VFR on top? The Flying Prevention Branch do not dictate to pilots how they should fly! This proposal is a clear threat to air navigation safety and must be vigorously opposed.

The reason NATS En-Route Limited wants to decommission these VOR beacons is because they've failed to make significant investment over the years and the beacons are no longer fully supported by the manufacturer. So to avoid the need to spend money, they're trying to bin most of the VORs on the assumption that the only people who will really need them will be those airline operators whose PRNAV systems require external fixing references.

There is NO chance that non-IFR GPS systems will gain further approval. So those "Oi'm considerably richer than yow" private owners smug with their gucci Garmin glass will be all right, Jack, but the overwhelming majority of club pilots who currently use VOR with or without non-IFR GPS will be left out in the cold.