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By Pete L
Doing the Rick Stein chunky oriental beef recipe.

Theory 1: Robust red like wot you'd have normally
Theory 2: Something citrusy to avoid drowning out the spices and retain its own flavour.

Me, I'd have the beer, but this is for her birthday supper.

What would the forum recommend?
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By AerBabe
Gewürztraminer would be the perfect choice with white meats or fish, but I'd be tempted to try something like a Barbera or Zinfandel with beef.
A slightly sweeter prosecco would actually probably work quite well too. And be suitably celebratory!

However, although I love my wine, I'd definitely choose beer in this situation.
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By GrahamB
I'd almost certainly go for a Rhone Red, such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape or something else from the same region with heavy Syrah content.
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By Pete L
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Get one that you know she likes.

She has her favourite for each of the two options. And Prosecco, which I would have thought was a bit sweet despite the name.
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By AerBabe
As I said above - sweet will work well.
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By PeteSpencer
Merlot or Rhone Red for real eye-pinch.(Hermitage's my fave)

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By Pete L
Post-match report: we had St Emilion in the end - she prefers Bordeaux to Burgundy which bodes well for the summer trip.

I think it was a success - she had the opportunity to politely decline seconds and tucked in.

It was the Cambodian rather than Thai beef - not quite a dry curry, but fried after marinading.

Humongous amounts of spices in marinade and I reckoned you could smell the aggregate garlic for that and the dipping sauce for the spring rolls from orbit.

We had the Prosecco on the Sunday with the leftovers. All in all, a result.