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By AerBabe
Tonight I did mushrooms filled with:
Chopped mushroom stalks;
Chopped rasher of smoked bacon;
Crushed clove of garlic;
Mixed up with a beaten egg;
Stilton crumbled on top.
Served with stir-fried kale with a touch of chilli.

The saltiness of the bacon and stilton complemented the mushroom well, but I think it needed more flavour. Perhaps two rashers of bacon and no stilton. Or more stilton and no bacon.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Or maybe change the proportions completely and have a cheese and mushroom omelette.

Maybe with bacon.
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By AerBabe
Another stuffed mushroom recipe tonight, filled with a mixture of:

Crab meat;
Lime juice;
Splash of fish sauce;
Crushed garlic;
Crushed fresh ginger;
Sprinkle of chilli flakes;

Again, the mushrooms really needed the saltiness of the fish sauce ... and it probably needed a little more lime. But the flavour combination worked really well. This is one I'll definitely be trying again. Perhaps with zest and juice of a fresh lime next time.
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By AerBabe
I'll make if for you, if you find yourself up this way again.

How is the rhubarb experimentation going? :wink: :shock: :D
By Jon Mercer
Rhubarb appears not to be on sale in any of my regular supermarkets. I did make liver and bacon last night using chicken livers (it was offally nice). Crisped up the bacon, used a slotted spoon to retain the bacon fat and used the to fry off the two thinly sliced onions and one green pepper. That was all added to 300 ml of chicken stock boiling away with a big blob of ketchup (tomato, not damson, sorry GtE). Lastly the chicken livers were floured and fried off and added to the mix to simmer for a half an hour.

All in all it worked really well although the livers were probably a bit over fried. It was nice to have a sweetened version of the old classic recipe.
By Jon Mercer
Oh, and a glass of red was used to deglace the frying pan. When that was reduced that too was added to the mix.

Forget where the rest of the wine went...
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By AerBabe
While I'm one of the least-fussy eaters I know, I can't stand parsnips, kidney or liver. I love liver pate though. Weird!

So are you changing your Project 12 for February to liver? :|
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By AerBabe
Tonight, Portobello mushrooms, each filled with around half a clove of minced garlic, then sausage meat pressed in and some smoked bacon over the top. Served with stir-fried kale, this time just with s&p.

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By AerBabe
How about serving with some fava beans and a nice Chianti?