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By AerBabe
Everyone gets the Christmas Cold from time to time, but this year mine has lasted over two weeks and I think I'm developing sinusitis cos I've been awake since 3 am with one half of my face feeling like someone was hitting it with a hammer.

It's wet and windy today too.

So as well as moping around feeling sorry for myself, I thought I'd make chicken soup.

I have a couple of carcasses in the freezer from roasts I've had recently, and plenty of onions, garlic and veg. It's not tricky to make and there are as many variations as there are days in the century. But does anyone have any tips or tricks, or secret ingredients they would like to share?

Yours, feeling miserable,

AB :(
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By Timothy
Ah! Jewish Penicillin.
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By AerBabe
Hope not. I'm allergic to penicillin!
By pb6797
Me too.

I believe that the garlic (allicin) is one of the most important parts when it comes to cold-fighting, so would add extra compared with normal. You won't be able to taste it anyway.
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By Yankee-K
ISTRR that there's something in the chicken that helps fight colds or at least reduces the symptoms.
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By ray
My sympathies and commiserations Aerbabe! Hope you feel better soon. At least it's not flying weather!

I have been feeling the same since Boxing Day and am now getting fed up with it too.

Last night I tried the Adnams cure - couldn't taste much but felt a bit better until I stood up and then my gyros went wobbly. Might have been a damp glass?

Have tried spicy chilli con carne and a hot chicken curry, both with added garlic and felt better for a little while after.

I reckon it's manflu :-(

Any further suggestions for cures or pickmeups welcomed. - especially if there's alcohol involved ;-)

If I don't improve soon I reckon my wife will have me put down.

Stop cheering you lot :-0
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By AerBabe
Fortunately I haven't lost my sense of taste. I think I only have once in my life, and that was when I didn't have a cold. :? I'm still going to add lots of garlic and chilli though.

The carcasses have just finished simmering, so now to strip the bones and prep the vegetable component. Then find a feel-good film to eat in front of. :thumleft:
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By AerBabe
Ray - a cold cure which includes alcohol:

Into a large mug place -

One crushed garlic clove;
Juice of a lemon;
Teaspoon of chopped chilli;
Shot of whisky;
Top up with hot water.
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By ray
That sounds like a good recipe, cold or not :-)
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By AerBabe
I've had eucalyptus oil in my burner all day. House smells like a Madeiran hillside (sounds much more romantic than a tub of Vicks).

The chicken soup I made fairly plain - just onion and garlic. The chickens had been roasted with lemon, fennel and paprika (amongst other things), which you could still taste in the soup. For dinner I'm going to add some fresh ginger and chilli, and some egg noodles.

With a large whisky on the side. :wink:
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By ray
I suggest an apperitiff of gin & tonic - maybe a nice Bombay Sapphire that contains many aromatics?
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By ray
Some nice photos in your flickr site - well done :-)
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By AerBabe
I do have a bottle of Hendricks gin in the cupboard, and some tonic in the fridge. However, I also have a bottle of rather nice Fino sherry open. :think:

(Glad you like the photos! Just added a new one...)