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By AerBabe
I'm not convinced cranberries will go with tomatoes. Just shove a sprig of holly on top.
By Jon Mercer
Not sure about the holly, I think drinking it might be a rather spikey event.

OTOH, Cheese on Bloody Mary might be the Christmas Party food at chez achean 2013. I think a blend of mild Cheddar and either Parmesan or Romana might do the trick.
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By Flintstone
AerBabe wrote:Never tried it...
Should I?

It's like a milder version of Marmite. Give it a go.
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By Steve D
Not enough variables in that formula.

Worcester Sauce before or after grilling?

What about a mix of cheeses? - I like a solid base of cheddar, with a small amount of Cheshire crumbled on top before grilling.

My wife spreads whole grain mustard under the cheese before grilling. This is worth trying, but as with the other obvious condiments, no mention is made in the formula.

Also, toast one side then cheese on the untoasted side, or part-toast cheesy side before applying cheese?

They haven't thought it through carefully enough, have they?

Blydi scientists. Amateurs, the lot of 'em.