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By PeteSpencer
Leeks vinaigrette.

I won't bore you with my recipe as there are shed loads by Googling, but do try and use 'miniature' or baby leeks: looks nicer.
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By Keef
Avocado vinaigrette
Melon with whatever counter-flavour you prefer
Baked cheese (goat, of course)

or if you fancy a curry...

Onion bhaji
Cauliflower bhaji
By Jon Mercer
Stuff some portabello mushrooms with blanched spinach, top with crumbled goat's cheese and top that with pepper and a basil leaf. It can all be prepared the night before, then go in the oven for 20 minutes prior to serving. Easy.
How about bruschetta, basically make some garlic bread (with olive oil if butter is no good), then top with a mix of red onion and chopped tomato; I finish it with a couple of blobs of home made pesto, but this has pine nuts and cheese so just top with fresh basil and or goat cheese.
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By TheKentishFledgling
Thanks all, some good suggestions coming, and mainly along the lines of what I had thought.

Pete - did curry before, but totally forgot about the nutty person...slightly awkward when we realised just as she was tucking in. Luckily we had some beef casserole in the fridge which she was able to eat. Put me off feeding fussy eaters curry for a while :roll:
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By Paul_Sengupta
Asparagus with grilled goats cheese on a small slab of toast. That's one of the ones I have done at dinner parties on a couple of occasions. Also one of those big mushroom things stuffed with goats cheese is another nice one.
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By TheKentishFledgling
It went well, thanks. Took inspiration from achean's stuffed mushroom suggestion, and stuffed some large portobello mushrooms with some Indian spiced sautéed spinach, topped with grilled paneer for the lactose capable people.

Worked well, as the main course was also Indian themed, including a home made saag paneer which was really, really good, and which I'm looking forward to cooking at some point.

Thanks for all the suggestions :thumleft: