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By Howardlong
Sorry rather late replying to this one, put then I'm very young on air skills but rather longer on the tooth regarding excessive dining habits.

I count eight on the new list I've been to, although I hasten to add that I've always found this list to be rather eclectic. The criteria seems to be that wackier the experience, the higher on the list you will be.

My personal favourites from that list however are Nahm, Mani and the Ledbury. OK are the French Laundry, Quay, and the Fat Duck. Underwhelming IMHO are Arzak and Daniel.

Arzak is just too over-complicated although to be fair, during one meal I had there the was a memorable steak course for the right reasons. Daniel just was rather lacklustre and uninspiring, particularly the service. Maybe that's just a New York thing though.

Generally, over-complicated food with a gazillion ingredients isn't my bag. It's a bit like that self-indulgent jazz you hear sometimes: while I am sure technically it's very clever, but if it doesn't float your boat, what's the point?

Since taking up flying though, my dining habit seems to have taken a dive. Possibly that is good, not only should it be easier to squeeze into the plane, but I've found that an hour in he sky flying is often cheaper than dining out.

Cheers, Howard.
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By Trent772
Fat Duck - my mate sent food back twice.....

Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road - exquisite.

The English Pig London - most excellent.

Laughing Gravy London - ditto.

About Thyme London - ditto.

Mortons Las Vegas - close to perfection.

Holbeck Ghyll Windermere - if you have dogs - go..........

Ox Pasture Hall Scarborough - ditto, but not as classy.

Brasserie Blanc Leeds - our local !!!!