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By pb6797
Not sure if this is the right forum but felt I should make a post.

The quality of the food at the Admiral Wells pub, next to Peterborough Conington airfield (http://www.admiralwells.co.uk/), seemed to decline a few years ago, but I can say that it is now back to a good standard.

A visit on Friday saw the meal properly prepared from fresh ingredients (to the extent of being able to specify exactly what we wanted - "I'll have some onion in with that liver, which I'd like you to cook past pink please").

The steak pile was a packed with meat to the extent that it defeated someone who can usually demolish anything put in front of them ...

Very impressed - particularly as the bill for two people, who'd sat in front of the open fire for three hours getting through 4-5 drinks and a main meal, was only a shade over £30.

So, worth trooping over (it's about half a mile, ish) if you ever lob into Conington for any reason!