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Have now done the Lamb version several times - for different people - and it's a firm favourite with huge demand.

My old man wondered what I could do in a similar style, but with Pork.

So, I bought a hand of Pork which also had the shoulder and part of the rib!! It was huge!!

I removed the skin (took a while as pork skin is tough!) and only left a thinish layer of fat all over the joint. It was then sat on loads of garlic, onions and fresh sage..... foiled, and shoved in the oven for 4 - 5 hours on a low temperature in my fan oven.

The skin was also placed on a baking sheet, fat side down, no salt or oil. I didn't know if it would crackle - it did - in fact it was one of the crunchiest but lightest crackles I've ever done as all the fat had melted and just left puffed up crackly skin.

I separately, lightly fried some onion with fresh sage, S & P and left it in the saucepan.

When the pork was out and resting I made the gravy with stock and a little flour, mashing in the sage and onion it had been cooked in. When it had turned a nice colour and thicker I sieved it into my saucepan of "fresh" sage and onion and gently heated it through.

The pork was really juicy, the gravy went really well...... And I could feed an army from it. Leftovers were sliced up and frozen for quick meals (just wrap in foil and stick in the oven to heat) on several other days.

It was even Chopped up and added to a rich garlicy, tomato sauce with Pasta - courtesy of my Italian other half... Lovely.
By Mad Girl
Monocock wrote:
for 4 - 5 hours on a low temperature in my fan oven

How low? 150?