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By Gerard Clarke
Take some minced free range pork, finely chopped spring onions and fresh ginger, and some French beans. Lightly wok the beans until they start to go just a tiny bit crispy. Set aside. Wok the meat, onions and ginger with a bit of rice wine and light soy sauce. Add the beans back in towards the end of the cooking. Garnish with a bit of raw spring onion, finely chopped. Serve with steamed white rice, and with some Chinese greens, gently wokked with a splash of shop-bought oyster sauce, or finished off with a small splash of sesame oil around the top of the wok (as a condiment, not a cooking oil). Eat it hot from small bowls using chopsticks whilst talking rapidly. Drink Riesling or Gruner Veltliner, or a decent Prosecco, or a crisp lager. Simple, quick, scrummy.