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By Mad Girl
Ok.... I'll start.

My old man and I stopped doing the romantic restaurant thing years ago when it became sooooo commercial and a total rip off. Now we make the effort by cooking a nice meal for two... Presented on square plates.. With the half a bottle wine glasses and a nice bottle of vino..

As its a work day this year, we need something a little quicker to do... So we're doing this....

http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/4754 ... -and-beans

With a 20 year old bottle of very nice red wine which we were given as a xmas pressie.

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By Jim Jones
It's got a lot of my favourite ingredients. Presentation is very important so square plates fine if they do it for you.

But red wine?
By Mad Girl
What's wrong with red?

As long as it's not a full bodied, heavy red it's not going to overpower the lighter, fresher flavours in the food.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
AndyR wrote:Red wine is so much better than that awful tasteless white grape juice people drink ;-)

Your palate is obviously (not yet - you are young, I grant you that) refined enough to savour the delight of a nice white.

It will come.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Had a look at the recipe; that looks very tasty!
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By Irv Lee
Food - possibly the only way to get blokes interested in Valentine's Day?
By Mad Girl
Irv Lee wrote:Food - possibly the only way to get blokes interested in Valentine's Day?

Tchhh... Such an "English" male response... :wink:

I think you know that I am one half of an anglo/Italian alliance??

He has absolutely no issue with romance, or demonstrating that he cares...

The main course is Italian based, the dessert is totally english, cholesterol laden, homemade bread and butter pudding - eggs, cream and sugar ooozing in every mouthful.... :D
By Mad Girl
I am pleased to report that the meal turned out well and was extremely tasty.. And so easy to do.

Cooking time may work out to be 1 1/2 hours - with the initial gentle frying (if you have the heat up too high it'll smoke and spit) and then the oven time - but preparation time was minimal. A nice, easy, but very tasty meal for when you have friends around.

Left overs do not go to waste - I'd done a few extra chicken thighs and he took one hell of a sandwich into work the next day.

Half a stonebaked crusty loaf, tomatoes, lettuce and the bulk of the chicken (he left the thighs whole but deboned) left me wondering whether he dislocated his jaw to eat it.. :lol:

It got the thumbs up........ so it will now be added to our normal repertoire.