Where have you been? What have you seen?
By boelkowflieger
I am planning a trip with 2 planes from Germany to UK.

Given that we have decent weather, we will start at the end of June for one week flying. I would like to follow the eastern coastline to the north until Scotland and then back perhaps via Ireland, but it is no must . Does anyone have suggestions for us, where we should go / land or what we should overfly (routing)? Even touristic aspects are welcome. Or if you know recommended airfields (Duxford?) or other insider' s tips, I would be very grateful, if you could post them. Also the reverse information could be helpful, e.g. airspace or airfields (airports) we should avoid.

I have seen many European countries with my plane, but Great Britain is still a white map. So I hope, that we will "high-flying" manage the planned trip this time.

Many thanks for your help.
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By Flyin'Dutch'

Welcome to the Forums.

Duxford is a great place to fly in and to visit the museum.

Not sure what the options are to stay overnight (probably no problem to leave the aeroplane overnight) for local eateries and accommodation;

No doubt others will chip in soon with some recommendations in the area and for the rest of your tour.

How long are you going to stay in the UK for?
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By Keef
Schöne Grüsse, bkf! Willkommen bei Flyer Forum!

You may find the eastern coastline gets boring after a while. I'd be more inclined to pick some places to visit, and fly direct between them. Duxford is a must; flying over the scenic parts of the UK is a must, and much of Scotland is excellent from the air.

If you're anywhere near Scotland the weekend after next, a load of us are flying to Glenforsa and around.

If you have specific interests, I'm sure someone on here will pop up with the relevant information.
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By cbrauweiler
Hallo Bölkow-Flieger,
hat es Dich vom EDDH-Forum auch endlich nach hier verschlagen ;-) ?

We did a marvelous trip thru England, Scotland and up to the Orkneys (we intended to go to the Shetland Isles as well, but WX was Carp). A trip report can be found here: http://www.tobik.de/scotia2007.html

And if you look here: http://www.tobik.de/plan.html
you can find some remarks under "Ziele UK" and further down under "Flugvorbereitung" - unfortunately a rather unsorted assortment of tips and hints for flying somewhere in Europe ;-)

Have fun.

Could you give us an idea of what parts of the UK and Ireland particularly interest you and your approximate route (I know you said up the east coast to Scotland). Then it will be easier to suggest some really good places to go.

Viele GruBe!


PS I am based at Sherburn in Elmet (EGCJ) - 20nm east of Leeds - and would be around if you needed a lift anywhere!
By alanevans

I do some casual work at Duxford in air traffic. The museum at the airfield is a great place to visit and wirth a minimum stay of 4 hours. Here's the link to the flying information:


This general museum page is here:


You do need advance permission. Phone +44 1223 833 376. The day of your flight is sufficient. If you fly direct from Europe, call one day in advance and ask that they email the customs form to you. Email this back at least 4 hours before you arrive.

There are several good local pubs with food and rooms. If you want some suggestions, send me a message and I'll give you a couple of web addresses and phone numbers. These pubs are a bit too far to walk, but a euro 10 taxi will get you there.

I hope you come to visit and enjoy your flying in the UK. I enjoy Germany -- I have flown in the Kassel area and regularly fly to Gera, south of Leipzig.

By boelkowflieger
First of all many thanks for the warm welcome here in this forum.

Up to now we still have no concrete conception of the planned route. In all we have 9 days to fly and that is not much. The maximum leg length is circa 350 nm and probably the first overnight stop will be at the Channel-Coast.

On our way to the north of UK I think, Duxford will be a good place for the next stop. Thanks to ‘alanevans’ for his useful hints and contacts.
From Keef we hear that the eastern coastline gets boring after a while. So what is the best way to Fife (EGPJ)? Mainly the route is determined by the weather, but we should have several interesting airfield alternates especially for the night-stops, north- and southbound (historic and other unique British or Scottish places such as whiskey distilleries :D , or other which is typical for your island).
Thanks to Christian for the ‘Tobik’ link. I’ve got it before and it still is my present guide line.
If we need help in the field, we will contact Geraint for the Cargolifter.

So if you still have ideas, please be so kind and post them
Yours boelkowflieger BKF
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By Keef
How to get to Fife: well, the East Coast isn't something to plan to fly round. I'd be inclined to fly in straight lines between places you want to see.

If I were going to Fife from Germany, I'd stop at Duxford, Sherburn in Elmet, and Fife. Then I'd route on to Inverness (not necessarily landing there), then either down the Great Glen to Oban, or round some more mountains to Plockton, then to Oban, Glenforsa, and Islay.

DON'T go to Benbecula or Campbeltown (you won't enjoy it). If you like little islands and can land on short runways, there are interesting strips at Coll and Colonsay - and a big one at Tiree.

While sightseeing, don't miss Fingals Cave (on Staffa) or Iona. There's vastly more to see while you're up there - others will have suggestions for you!

You could make a little Abstecher to Ireland - short water crossing from Campbeltown (not landing there) to Newtownards and then from there over West Freugh (now closed) and on. You need to tell the Polizei if you're going to and from Ireland because they are still looking for some terrorists they mislaid 20 years ago, and they like to check everyone.

On the way back, stop at Carlisle (nice airport, with a museum), and maybe Halfpenny Green.

There are many more delightful airfields, depending on your interests - ask, and someone will suggest!
By Geraint Pinches
Sherburn (EGCJ) near Leeds is my home airfield. It has three grass runways of circa 600 - 700m and a concrete runway (with lights) about 830 metres. They have a good cafe and AVGAS. If you are coming in, let me know. You need to call Church Fenton (Royal Air Force base) about 10 miles south of Sherburn on 126.50 for entry into their zone. Also be careful of the new Class D airspace around Doncaster (about 20 miles south east of Sherburn). It is on the new UK Northern England 1:500,000 map but may not be on the Jeppesen VFR/GPS charts. Sherburn landing fee is £10.

As for nice places to go in Scotland, Fife is OK. You could land there and then fly west across the Scottish mountains (although make sure it is a nice calm, sunny day to avoid cloud or mountain waves). In the west of Scotland, Glenforsa on the Isle of Mull (about 50 miles north west of Glasgow) is beautiful, as is nearby Oban. I would recommend these two airfields as some of the best in Scotland. This part of Scotland is beautiful and very peaceful. There are plenty of bed and breakfasts in Tobermory, the main town on Isle of Mull.

To go to Ireland, you have to clear Special Branch. This means you have to go via a customs airport. If you were flying from Scotland to somewhere like Dublin, I would recommend Blackpool as the best (30 miles north of Liverpool) to clear Special Branch and get fuel. I wouldn't bother going to Liverpool or Manchester as they are very expensive.

If you wanted to go to Dublin, don't land at the Dublin international airport, use Weston, about 10 miles west of Dublin. It's no further away from the city than the international airport and much cheaper. They can organise Customs and Special Branch if you phone them 24 hours before your ETA.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any additional information about landing at Sherburn.