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By Dave W
Now that the initial rollout of the new site seems to have stabilised (and whilst maybe not all like it, I'm absolutely fine with it now - well done, IT types), I thought maybe a thread here to suggest minor cosmetic and usability tweaks would be worthwhile.

First from me: When selecting a "Like", can we get rid of the popup confirmation box which tells you that you've just clicked the button that you've just clicked, which you then need to click to dismiss?
In the face of so much negativity and apparent impatience I feel the urge to say well done to those behind the changes. Your efforts are appreciated by some.

It's not perfect, it's taking time to learn and improvements can be made, however even at this early stage it is streets ahead the old forum in functionality.

At some points I was beginning to think certain forumites were looking for complaint for the sake of it, being on the verge of complaining that they had to read the words... :roll:

That said; having had a closer look at the iPad layout I do feel the removal of the poster details between each post would be a big improvement. I did have to have it drawn to my attention though.

To those not getting on with it, give it a chance. :thumleft:
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By Rob P
I've seen it on Android phone and now tablet.

If I had a scooby how to do a screenshot on either I'd post it.

Rob P
Since we are talking minor tweaks, move the unread posts button in line with other buttons at the top to save 3 lines of screen real estate.

The adverts at the top are actually too small on my phone in landscape - they look silly.
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Thanks for your suggestions, the IT team is working on something else this week (the shop) and will be getting back to making a few forum changes after that as well as adding in some extra functionality.

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By Grelly
As somebody who likes to sneak a peek at the Forum during work hours, could I put in a request for some sort of stealth-mode? The bright red scheme is a bit obviously not work related.

Secondly, To get to active posts, I have to select Forums > Forums > Active Posts. Why not have the pull down list available from the main screen? (Picky I know, but unnecessary clicks are a pet hate).

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By Rob P
Dave W wrote: Rob - I've never been asked to acknowledge a yellow Rules box on Android phone, tablet or PC (using Chrome).

In fact, I don't think I've seen that box.

Now you have!


Maybe I'm being paranoid? Have I been singled out?

Rob P
Ideally I would like to see the forumite details posted alongside rather than above the post as used to be the case, since scanning the thread would then be easier. However I appreciate that this is probably not viable with the existing apparently compulsory ad block size.