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By JonBoy
Hi - I would be grateful if someone would be kind enough to post an idiot's guide (or a link to) how to post photographs on this forum.

Sorry if it's been covered a 1000 times before - and also bear in mind my knowledge and ability with computers is rather "limited"!
Many thanks. JB
By riverrock
Go to a photo uploading site, eg
Select File to upload.
Select "800x600 15 inch monitor"
Upload your picture.

Click "Copy to Clipboard" beside "Hotlink for Forums (1)"
Go to the flyer forum, paste in the result. It will look something like this:

Code: Select all[url=][img][/img][/url]
[url=]image uploading site[/url]

And you'll get this:
image uploading site

There are various other alternatives, such as using the rimg tag and setting the width as below - which can be used on an image of any size, but it requires creating the tags yourself. The above is the quickest / simplest I've found (even if it includes a link to postimage).
Code: Select all[rimg width=800][/rimg]

By JonBoy
Thank you very much River and Keef, I shall give it a go.
(Nice pic from you by the way Riverrock!!)