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By Weatherman
Hhhhmmmm, very frustrating....I know Flyer chaps are onto this.

Yes, I know I said January; think the rain has got to my brain.

Great idea about the date being added.

Also, loads of you emailing suggestions and comments to , please keep them coming.

Really appreciate all your feedback, and pleased you like it so far (although not the weather!)

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By Pianorak
I needed Greasemonkey yesterday - who obviously doesn't like the forecast. :( I expect once disabled I'll get the forecast back.
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By Keef
You've got it, Fred!

If I disable Greasemonkey, it works. The WOT block on seems to have been lifted. Greasemonkey back on, no forecast.

I suspect that whatever upsets Greasemonkey also upsets Apples.
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By HedgeHopper
Win7,firefox (with adblocker and noscript, but all manualy allowed) = no video for me
But I probably dont want to see it anyway
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By markrich
I have amended some code on the website which pulled in the video.
It now appears to be working. Please check once more.
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By Keef
Yes! Working fine here now. Only needs one "Approval" on the NoScript screen.
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By Pianorak
Yes! Working fine now - didn't even have to bribe the Greasemonkey!
It's probably my screen set up...... but....
The weather map presentation has it's head chopped off by the Flyer header - I can just espy the bottom of cloudy weather symbol.
Being a complete computer Philistine I don't know how to plop in a picture of the screen shot, which would probably explain my problem properly .
Otherwise - Terrific - Thanks.